I am a descendant of William ESTEP (b. abt. 1816) and Elizabeth EASTRIDGE (b. c1818).  Would like to converse with anyone working this line or would appreciate any information on William's parents / grandparents.
Jim Rowlette -- emooman@msn.com
[Note by Nova Lemons:  William was a son of Jacob Estep and Nancy Moore of Wilkes Co., NC and is listed on page 305 of the Thomas Estep, Sr. book.]

Seeking a connection between the ESTEP and the ADAMS families.  My Christiana ADAMS (b. 1810) married Daniel ROHRER c1829, probably in Washington Co., MD.  Daniel died 1838 and widow Christiana moved to Washington Co. / Greene Co., PA c1840.  In 1850 she appears as a widow in Washington Co., PA, living next door to Estep ADAMS.  I have a copy of letter written to Christiana by her son Jacob Henry (my direct ancestor) and he sends regards to Mr. ADAMS.  Often, a surname of a mother is used as a given name for a son.  That's my liine of reasoning, and it may be faulty.
Barbara Long Emory, OH -- hyby@willard-oh.com
[Note by Nova Lemons:  The Thomas Estep, Sr. book does not show an Estep Adams in the index.  It is possible that his mother was an Estep, per your suggestion.  Or he may have been named after a close friend of the family.  There are many Estep - Adams connections.]

I am looking for information on Elizabeth ESTEP, born 1762 in MD.  She married a Samuel James PHEASANT.  I found a listing somewhere that said her father was William ESTEP, born March 20th 1733 or 34 at All Saints Parish, Anne Arundel, MD and died 1815 in Huntingdon Co., PA.  I am not sure if this is her father or not.  If he is, I have found that William ESTEP's father was Thomas ESTEP, Sr., born c1707 in Charles, MD.  I also found a record for Thomas ESTEP about 1710 in Frederick Co., MD.  Any information you can provide would be great.  Thanks.
William Hill -- wjhill@optonline.net
[Note by Nova Lemons:  Elizabeth Estep and her family is listed on pages 435-438 of the Thomas Estep, Sr. book.  The authors list her as a daughter of William Estep and Sarah of Frederick Co., MD and Huntingdon Co., PA.]

Seeking parents of Scott Matthew ESTEP who is the second husband of Tracy Ann TAYLOR (b. 1971).  They married 17 Sep 1994.  Tracy's first husband was Kevin Allen TERRANT.
Trudie Davis-Long -- brinlong@erols.com

Looking for information on Elfie L. EASTEP born in "Laughter dale," AL on 17 Oct 1879.  She died in Davidson Co., TN on 13 Oct 1930 and is buried in Spring Hill Cemetery in Nashville.  She married James R. GLEAVES 4 Oct 1896 in Collin Co., TX and they had 10 children:  Clara, Vera, Jewel, Linus, Lois, Paul, Clarence, Marvin, Genva, and Winfred.  I am the granddaughter of son, descended from Paul.  Thank you.
Peggy Sham, Coppell, TX -- peggyss@aol.com

(01-9)  ESTEP - MOORE:
Has there ever been any clear documentation of the father of Jacob ESTEP who married Nancy MOORE?  I have been researching Nancy's father, Sterling MOORE, for many years.  Lately, I have been working on land records, and believe I have almost located the earliest land purchase of Sterling MOORE in 1816, which he later sold to Jacob ESTEP.  I am still missing a number of the deeds, particularly the later ones after Jacob's death, which would hopefully describe the land in better detail.  Is there anyone working on Jacob or have copies of the later land records for the area?  Thanks for any help.
Susan Manolakos -- mannos2@aol.com
[Note by Nova Lemons:  According to the Thomas Estep book (pp. 304-305), Jacob Estep was probable son of Samuel Estep and Susanna Adams of Rowan Co., NC.  He was born 1792 in Rowan Co. and died 23 Jun 1869 in Brushy Mountains, Wilkes Co., NC.  He is bried in Duncan Cemetery in Wilkes Co.  He married Nancy Moore on 3 Jan 1816 in Rowan Co.  She was born 1795 in Rowan Co. and died Jan 1885 in Ashe Co., NC.]

Looking for any information on the following family.  Andrew Jackson ESTEP, born c1828 NC or TN, married Mary Jane COPLEY on 16 May 1842 in Johnson Co., TN.  Andrew ESTEP appears on the 1850, 1860 and 1870 Lee Co., VA censuses, he then appears on the 1880 Carter Co., TN census.  His known children are as follows:  Mary A., born c1842, married John S. HAMPTON; Nancy C., born c1843; Sarah E., born c1845; Susan L., born c1847; William R., born c1849; Harvy D., born c1851, married Martha CARDEN; John J., born c1855; Jas. J., born c1857; and Samuel M., born c1859, married Eliza HAYS.  Mary A. ESTEP is my 3rd great grandmother, who I just recently discovered a couple of weeks ago.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Debi Caron -- dacnofish@aol.com
[Note by Nova Lemons:  Andrew Jackson Estep is one of the several unidentified Esteps in the Thomas Estep book.  His family is briefly listed on pages 706-707.]

(01-11)  ESTEP - COLLIER:
Seeking information on Lida (Lydia) ESTEP, born 1807, daughter of Joel and Nancy ESTEP.  She married a Patrick COLLIER in Floyd Co., KY in 1822.  My questions are:  did they have children and where did they go?  Which Patrick Collier was he?  I have just started on this research and would appreciate all help.  Thank you.
Mary Bishop -- mbapplelake@aol.com
[Note by Nova Lemons:  Lydia is listed on page 217 of the Thomas Estep book with similar information as above.  It also mentioned that Patrick Collier married second to Rachel Davis on 26 Mar 1827 and that Corbin Estep was his bondsman.]

This is all I know about my ESTEP line, James E. ESTEP, born mid-1850s to 1860s in KY and married Francis WILLIAMS of Johnson Co., KY.  Francis was the daughter of Abram WILLIAMS and Mary MEADE of Johnson Co., KY and both were born in Floyd Co., KY. James and Francis married between 1882-1884 and moved to Farmers in Rowan Co., KY.  They had at least 4 children:  Abrum (1883 - 1904), Shade (1886 - 1906), Della (1890 - 1970), and Stella (1894 - 1949).  On the 1910 census, Francis is the head of the house but says that she is still married to James and she has been married for 26 years.  I was told by my uncle that James moved out and remarried, but it can not be denied or confirmed.  I have Francis ESTEP's death certificate and she was a widow, so did she ever divorce?  James is not buried at the ESTEP farm so I don't know what really became of him?  Did he ever have another family like I was told?  Any ideas?  Thanks!
Daniel Hamilton -- daniel1987@earthlink.net

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