(02-01)  ESTEP -  ADAMS:
I am a direct descendant of Sarah A. ESTEP and Thomas ADAMS.  The only information I have is that they were married in MD around 1814.  Birth date for Sarah is about 1781 and for Thomas the same.  I am seeking any information on either individual.
Julia Adams Kee -- mamakeeme@msn.com

(02-02)  ESTEP:
I am looking for information on Calvin Jones ESTEP, born 1832 in Davie Co., NC.  He is our "grandfather" but we cannot find out who his parents are.
Victoria L. Bradham, 715 Church Rd., Scotia, NY 12302, 518-399-2658; vbradham@mybizz.net
[Calvin J. Estep is listed on pages 709-710 of the ESTEP, Thomas Sr... book.  He married first to Rachel Miles 1854 in Knox Co., TN and second to Lavina Anne Troutman 1857 in Jefferson Co., TN.  He died c1914 in Reynolds Co., MO.  Calvin's death certificate has his father as Samuel and the informant was his grandson.  Mrs. Henry Estep, who sent the information to Mary Mellichampe, one of the book's authors, that she had some doubts about Samuel as Calvin's father.]

I am trying to find the grandparents of my mother.  Her mother was Mary ESTEP and was told she was a COLDIRON adopted by WADKINS or WATKINS?  Mary married Henry ESTEP and they had:  Sina (b. 8 May 1908), Emma, Vannie, Cora, and John.  Mom had mentioned Margaret and said she was just called "Granny Margaret."  Whose mother was she?  My mother was second cousin, I think she said, to Lundy ESTEP.  Not sure where he comes in at.  Would appreciate anything you could send.  Thank you.
Northa Estep Perkins, daughter of Lonzie and Sina Estep -- northa54@hotmail.com

My great-great-grandfather was Alfred Harve ESTEP, born 23 Dec 1860.  He married Mary Bell CHAMBERLAIN 19 Feb 1889 in San Saba, TX (town or county?).  Alfred Harve died 13 Apr 1923 and is buried at Cherokee, TX. 
Eligah and Abby ESTEP had the following children:  Newton, Sug WOODARD, Belle, Alfred Harve, Jefferson Davis, and Robert Lee.  All of them were said to have lived, died and buried near San Saba and Cherokee, TX.  My information shows his father was Eligah (Elijah) ESTEP and his mother was Abby MONTGOMERY.  This information came from my great Minnie ESTEP FRAZIER, when she shared her memories with my father's sister.  Do you have earlier information on my family?
Drenda Murchison, 115 East Vista Dr., Silt, CO 81652, 970-876-2101 -- drendaj@rof.net
[NOTE by Nova:  Alfred Harvey ESTEP was son of Elijah ESTEP and Abigail "Abby" MONTGOMERY (p. 130 of "ESTEP, Thomas, Sr...").  His siblings were:  Jasper Newton "Newt," Matilda J., Emilie JACKSON, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie," Armitta "Mintie" WOODARD, Elijah Jr., Joseph Elijah, Jefferson Davis, Robert Lee, and Isabell "Belle" VICKERS.  Elijah's second wife was Jane WILLIAMS and they had one child, William Harrison.  Elijah ESTEP was son of Eli Cleveland ESTEP and Rachel CHASTEAD.  Much more information on Alfred Harvey ESTEP's ancestors are found in this book ESTEP, Thomas, Sr...  See book advertisement elsewhere in this website.]

(02-05)  ESTEP - LONG - STEELE:
Seeking information on Francis G. ESTEP, daughter of Arthur ESTEP and Martha Louise LONG, who married George STEELE and died in Osceola Mills, Clearfield Co., PA.
Martha Murdock -- msm884@aol.com

(02-06)  ESTEP - SMITH:
I believe my line to be Samuel (1825 - 1910) and Mary M. "Polly" ESTEP (1826 - 1901) from Clay Co., KY.  Their son was Benjamin who married Emily Jane SMITH and had a daughter named Polly Ann.  Polly Ann married Andrew Jackson SMITH and had a son named L B SMITH after moving to AR.  We can find no records about Benjamin and Polly.  Can you help us?
Frances Smith -- flsmith@ar-digit.net

My great-grandfather was a man by the name Charles ESTEP.  He married Nancy PORTWOOD.  For some reason he was reared by a man named Pleas (Pleasant?) BROADDUS, and went by the name BROADDUS to the extent that my grandmother and great-grandmother were known as BROADDUS, even legally.  I know he was killed in some kind of accident, either drowning or industrial.  Great-granddad had two children:  Nancy BROADDUS and Pleas BROADDUS, Jr.  Pleas Jr. was epileptic and died when about 19 to 25 years old.  He was apparently killed (pushed) in a train / pedestrian accident.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Garth T. Hunt -- hastii39@aol.com

Does anyone know anything about Leonard Leslie ESTEP who married Iva Lena COCANOUGHER?  They had a daughter, Helen Louise ESTEP, who maried Carl Clovis CUNNINGHAM.  I would like to know more about their lives than just the dates.  I would like to know where they lived and what they did.  Thanks for the help.
Amanda Henry -- henlakh123@aol.com
[Leonard L. ESTEP is listed on page 311 of the ESTEP, Thomas Sr... book as son of William ESTEP (1857 - 1939) and wife Josephine BROWN.  William was born in Claiborne Co., TN and buried in Tillman Co., OK.  Leonard was born 1896, married 1919 and died 1978.]

(02-09)  ESTEP(P) - MORRIS - ASHER:
My great-grandmother was Nancy Margaret ESTEP(or ESTEPP).  She was married to Robert Washington MORRIS.  Her parents were John ESTEP and Annie ASHER.  I have a picture of my mother as a baby being held by her Uncle James ESTEPP.  I believe that my great-grandmother Nancy was 1/2 Native American.  This has been a difficult line to trace, and any help is appreciated.
Sylvia Louise Turner -- girlgoyle7@aol.com
[Nancy Margaret ESTEP is listed on p. 713 of the ESTEP, Thomas Sr... book as born 13 Jan 1897 in Newton Co., AR and died 21 Feb 1965.  She married Robert MORRIS.  Her parents were William ESTEP (12 May 1876 Clay Co., KY - 3 Apr 1959 OK City, OK) and his first wife Ann ASHER.  William's second wife was Bessie Pearl WEST.]

(02-10)  ESTEP - PEEPLES:
Seeking information on my father, Edward Ray ESTEP, who was born 17 Aug 1944 and died Sep 1991 in Boone Co., WV.  He was a resident of the city of Foster, WV.  His father's name was Edward D. ESTEP.  He had two brothers that I know of, Donald ESTEP and David ESTEP.  Edward R. ESTEP married my mother, Sherry PEEPLES, in 1979.  I have two half-sisters that I want to find.  They are Cathy Lynn ESTEP and Candy ESTEP.  This is all the information I got from my mother.  If you can help in any way, it would surely be appreciated.
Jason ESTEP -- je_escoinsurance@msn.com
[Jason, your e-mail address is not good at this time (Apr 2006).  Candy Estep would like for you to contact her at babymachine2003@aol.com.  See her query in the 2006 section.]

(2-11)  ESTEP - CURTIS:
Looking for parents of Roy ESTEP, born 25 Jul 1882 (or 1883) in AR and died in Menard, TX 7 Dec 1946 and buried in Resthaven Cemetery in Menard, tX.  His wife Eva Lena CURTIS was born 28 Feb 1887 in OK and died 24 Dec 1917 in Goldswaithe, Mills Co., TX.  Thanks for any help you can give.
Pete Hawkins -- c.g.hawkins@att.net

(2-12)  ESTEP:
Does anyone have information on Stella S. ESTEP who was born 1891, died 1957 and buried in Brooklyn, WA?
Harry ESTEP, Sr. -- harryo@localaccess.com 

Searching for parents of Katharine ESTEP who married Daniel MATHEWS Aug 1818 in Bond Co., IL.  It is thought she was the daughter of Elijah and Rebecca (WHITTINGTON) ESTEP but in reading the will for this Elijah ESTEP she is not mentioned.  Catharine MATHEWS is listed on the 1850, 1860 and 1870 census in Hancock Co., IL.  Daniel MATHEWS died in 1846 so he doesn't appear after the 1840 census.  Any help you can give me will be much appreciated.
Mary Ames -- mrames@lvcm.com

I am lookinig for the ancestors of Joseph ESTEP, born 1847 in VA and moved to Louisa, KY.  He married Miranda ESTEP and possibly Louisa VANHOOSE, and his children include Alonzo ESTEP.
Angie Estep -- angie@openmeadow.org
[The ESTEP,Thomas Sr... book listed Joseph on page 80 as born 1847 in Pike Co., KY and died before 1900.  He married first to Louise VANHOOSE and second to Maranda O'BRYAN.  Had 9 children.  Joseph was listed as son of Emanuel ESTEP and Eleanor "Ellen" CARTER.]

(2-15)  ESTEP - BELCHER:
I am searching for the parents of Lydia (Liddie) ESTEP who married Millard Filmore BELCHER on 25 Dec 1870 at the age of 19.  Her parents were not listed on the certificate.
Sherri Miller -- sherria@frontiernet.net

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