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(00-8)  ESTEP:
I never had contact with my father Richard Estep, except at birth, when he held me at the hospital.  What I do know about him is that he graduated with a Bachelor degree and a Doctor degree, both in science and worked as a geologist.  He did core drills through lava beds and did studies for the government.  He would excavate the land for minerals.
In 1970 (newspaper clipping), Richard Estep got married at 33 years of age and moved to Melbourne, Australia, after finishing a contract with the U. S. government at the Hawaiian islands (as a geologist).  I was 16 years of age when I last heard of him.  His parents used to live in College Place, WA, but since then both have passed away.  Richard would be about 63 years of age in the year 2000.  I heard he also has relatives in Italy and might be living there now.  If anyone has heard of him, please drop me a line.
Robert L. Murphy -- robert.l.murphy@nww01.usace.army.mil

(00-9)  ESTEP - RIGGS:
Need information on Sarah ESTEP, born c1833 in VA, who married Joseph S. RIGGS on 18 Jan 1855 in Scott Co., VA.  She died 1 Oct 1874 in Lafayette Co., MO. I would like to find out where she is buried.  [NOTE by Nova:  On pp. 150-151 of the Thomas ESTEP, Sr. book, Sarah is listed as probable daughter of Joseph and first wife Eliza Jane (PHILLIPS) ESTEP of Scott Co., VA, Russell Co., VA and Johnson Co., KY.]
Leo Cundiff -- reachus@mindspring.com
3939 S. 96th East Ave., Tulsa, OK 74145-3736; 918-627-2716

Rachel KIRKENDALL was born in Carroll Co., OH to Joseph KIRKENDALL and Birthinda ESTEP (per her death certificate).  Rachel married Nathan GREGORY 1864 in Macon Co., IL and died 1922 in Macon Co., IL.  She is buried in Macon Co.  Would appreciate any additional information.  [Note by Nova:  According to the Thomas ESTEP, Sr. book on page 592, Birthindy Estep was born c1811-15 to Nathan and Rachel (?) ESTEP.  Nathan was the son of Robert and Dorcas (WELLS?) ESTEP.]
Terry Taylor -- kingofhill1146@aol.com

Martha BOWEN married Booker OSBORNE in Pike, KY on 19 Mar 1866.  She died 23 Jan 1923 in Morgan, KY.  Her parents are listed as Bill BOWEN and Nain ESTEP.  (The certificate is very hard to read and I'm not sure if BOWEN is the correct spelling.)  Both parents and Martha are listed as being born in VA.  Martha was born 7 Jul 1847.  Does anyone know of a Nain ESTEP or what Nain might be a nickname for?  Nancy?  Hannah?  I have been unable to find a BOWEN with a daughter Martha in either the VA or KY census records.
Sue Perry -- sperry@hollandhart.com

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