(10-01)  ESTEP - MORAN:
My great great grandfather was Henry A. MORAN (1808 - 1886).  He was married to Elizabeth ESTEP (1809 - 1891).  I believe they lived in Charles Co., MD and then in IN.  I am looking for information about the MORAN family and the ESTEP family.
Marilyn Goetzinger -- mgoetzinger@cox.net

(10-02)  ESTEP:
My name is Lanard ESTEP, I am African American and don't know much about my ESTEP ancestry.  Everything I have learned about the ESTEP name says that its European.  There are no white people in my ESTEP family that I am aware of tracing back to my great-grandfather Richard ESTEP who was from Clarksville, MD.  I don't know the birth date of Richard ESTEP however, I know Richard ESTEP was in Clarksville in 1915 the year my grandfather was born.  Do you know of any black ancestry or slave ownership in your ESTEP research?
Lanard Estep -- lanardestep@yahoo.com
[NOTE by Nova Lemons:  I did a quick research through the census records and listed below are what I found so far.  All birth dates are estimates based on their given ages. "c" is for circa (about).  All birthplaces are MD.
1920 Howard Co., MD - Clarksville
ESTEP, Richard (c1873), wife Carry L. (c1885) and children - Florence (c1905), Bertha (c1906), Leroy (c1909), John H. (c1910), Marry J. (c1913), Melvin (c1916), Ethel (c1918), and Richard (c1920).  There are no other Esteps in Howard Co. for that census year.
1910 Howard Co., MD -
ESTEP, Richard H. (c1874), Carrie E. (c1884), Florence Z. (c1904), Bertha M. (c1906), Leroy (c1908), and Louis W. (c1910).  From this information we see that Richard married Carrie between 1900 and 1904.  Again, no other Esteps in this county.
I did not find any black Esteps in Howard Co., MD on 1900 census but found:
1900 Baltimore City, MD -
ESTEP, Richard (Apr 1873), single, in the household of Andrew Young, Andrew's wife Josephine (age 38) and their children.  Josephine was listed as sister of Richard.
Other black Esteps in Baltimore City include:  Jane ESTEP (Mar 1836), servant and widowed with 7 children, 6 living, in the household of Andrew Banks; and Mary M. ESTEP (Aug 1876), niece and married, in the household of Samuel Johnson and wife Annie.  It appears that Jane Estep may be Richard's mother.  Continuing further...
1880 Anne Arundel Co., MD - District 8
ESTEP, Louis W. (c1833), Mary J. (c1834), Rachel A. (c1855), Daniel G. (c1857), Joanna (c1859), Ann V. (c1866), Richard (c1872), and John W. (c1876).  This shows Richard as son of Louis W. and Mary Jane Estep.  Richard had a son named Louis W.  Where is Josephine?  Since she was born c1862, you will notice a gap between Joanna and Ann on this census.  Ages are always inconsistent on census records.
There are other black Esteps in Anne Arundel Co. on this 1880 census who I believe are related to Louis W. Estep.  There is a Mary F. (c1820), widowed, in the household of Richard S. Estep (c1867), whose husband may have been a brother of Louis.  But there's also a William ESTEP (c1820), divorced servant / farm hand, in the household of Washington Bennett.  I wonder if he was the husband of Mary F. and that they divorced, but Mary listed herself as "widowed."  Many women back then prefer to be labeled as "widowed" rather than "divorced."
1870 Anne Arundel Co., MD - District 8
ESTEP, Lewis (age 40), wife Jane (35), and children - Rachel, Daniel, Rebecca, Frances, Eliza, and Jane.  Per 1860 census, Rebecca could be the same person as Josephine.  And that Lewis and Jane may have married after the 1860 census.
1860 Anne Arundel Co., MD - District 8
ESTEP, Louis (age 23) and children Rachael, Daniel, Josephine (2), Frances, Augustus, and Sally.  This record indicates that Louis may have been recently widowed or divorced with three young children and had a Frances (age 32) with her two young children, Augustus and Sally, living with them.  Josephine is listed on this record.  Listed next door was this family and I believe they are Louis' parents.
ESTEP, R. (age 63), Dinah (57) with Daniel, Harriett, Eliza, Nancy, and Ellen.
1850 Anne Arundel Co., MD - District 8
ESTEP, Ricd (46), Jane (40) with Henry, Sarah, Julia, Jno and a Sarah Smither.
Anne Arundel Co., MD records should be checked for the marriages, probates, and other records to sort these families.  If any of you can add more to this, please contact Lanard Estep.]

(10-03)  ESTEP:
Looking for Tom ESTEP who lived in Livonia, Wayne Co., MI in 1968.  He would be about 62 to 65 years old now (Jan. 2010).  Thanks for your help.
Ray (Butch) Roberts -- rsromaha@gmail.com
[NOTE by Nova Lemons:  The Michigan 1971 to 1996 death index listed a Burl H. Estep who died in Livonia, Wayne Co., MI on 4 Feb 1982.  He was born 29 Mar 1909 and a resident of Livonia when he died.  Perhaps a check of his obituary might list Tom Estep and give you some clues to follow up on, such as possible relatives and a residence if he moved away.  Hope this helps.]

(10-04)  ESTEP - KIRK:
I am looking for help on my family tree.  Following is my grandfather and grandmother.  I can't seem to find who Lewis' parents were.  I have all the info. on children, etc.  Lewis Howard ESTEP was born 3 Jun 1869 in Boone Co., WV and died 11 Nov 1947 in Kanawha Co., WV.  He was living in Malden, WV at the time of his death and worked as a coal miner.  Married on 8 Sep 1903 in Kanawha Co. to Julia Ann KIRK (born 24 Apr 1886 KY - died 27 May 1948 Huntington, Cabell Co., WV), dau. of Minville KIRK of Ireland and Charlotte HARRIS of KY.  Julia was buried at Catholic Cem. in Guyandotte, WV.
Pat L. Estep, Jr. -- opapartypat@gmail.com
[NOTE by Nova Lemons:  I was not able to find Lewis Howard Estep in the Thomas Estep, Sr. book but the closest one I could find was a Lewis Estep who was born (circa) 1872 to Joel Estep and Mary Ann Oxier.  Joel was on the 1850 Kanawha Co. census and 1860 Boone Co. census.  They were still in Boone Co. on 1870 census and did not have a son Lewis who would have been born after this census.  Also, 1870 Boone Co. census had a 5 year old Lewis in the household of Enoch and Savina Estep.  I also checked the 1900 census and found a Lewis Estep, born Apr 1865, in Boone Co. with Louenana and their two children, Ebert C. and Jessie C.  A quick check did not show this family on the 1910 census but your Lewis H. Estep was listed with wife Julia and their children Vernon S., Pearlie, Cody, and Enery.  Also living with them was a servant Vernie Harper and a boarder William R. Osborne.  If Lewis was the same one on 1900 census with a first wife, then the two young children from 1900 census should be with him if first wife died.  Hopefully someone may have more information for Pat who would appreciate any help.

My name is Vanie Lou (ESTEP) DEATHERAGE LEFLERI and I was born in Martin, KY.  My dad, James Willard ESTEP, Jr., was born 12 Apr 1925 in Floyd Co., KY and died in an auto accident in 1975.  His nicknames were "Buddy" and "Slim."  My mother was Alma PAGE (from Martin Co., KY) who passed on in 1995.  James' parents were James Willard ESTEP, Sr. and Bossie (CLICK) ESTEP YATES.  James Sr. died when her dad (Jr.) was 2 years old.  James Jr. had only one sister, Vanie Evelyn (ESTEP) SELLARDS.  I know my dad had several uncles on his dad's side and I remember him talking about Uncle John who was supposed to have lived to be 103 years old.  I would love to know more about my ESTEPs and every little bit of information helps.  Thank you.
Vanie Lou (Estep) Lefler -- va-nie@live.com

(10-06)  ESTEP - ADAMS:
Hi.  My name is Brittany BACA (ESTEP).  I am a descendant of Thomas ESTEP (1709 - 1722)' s son Samuel ESTEP who was born 1757 in Frederick Co., MD.  Samuel married Susanna ADAMS 3 Nov 1789 in Rowan Co., NC.  Susanna was born 1759 in Rowan Co., NC.  They were parents of five children.  Their son Jacob had a son named William Marion, who had a son named James Brownlow, who had a son named Kermit Arr, who had a son named Richard Allan, who had a daughter named Joy ESTEP, who is my mother.
I would like to know more about John Sr.'s ancestry.  I have a few generations up from him on my website.  After years of researching around Ancestry.com and many other online sites like ESTEP CONNECTIONS, I had compiled this list:
I would like to hear from others who descend from Thomas' son Samuel.  Thanks!
Brittany Baca -- brittany_c_e@yahoo.com

I am inquiring about my husband's great great grandmother Estaline Annie ESTEP, born abt 1885-1893? and died aft 1972.  She lived in Jackson and Kanawha Counties, WV.  She married Lewis Alexander SAMPSON in 1905 and had 4 children - Henry, Taxia, Robert, and Martha.  Martha (1910 - 1943) married John Monroe WILLIAMS (1902 - 1969) and had a daughter Emmogene Annamae WILLIAMS (1928 - 1954) who married Dale Russell CENTERS (1936 - 2009).  They had a son, Dale Russell CENTERS.  We are not sure what year Estaline was born, who are her parents, and when exactly she died.  I found a Social Security Index indicating that a Estaline Annie SAMPSON died in 1989 in Charleston, WV but I am not sure if this is the one and the same Estaline that I am looking for.  I do know that she had a grandmother named Laura ESTEP.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
Michelle L. Centers -- michelle_centers2002@yahoo.com

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