(09-01)  ESTEP:
I have a page I found in some of my papers regarding a Joseph W. ESTEP born in Scott Co., WV 5 Apr 1832 and dying 27 Oct 1916 at Bradleyville, MO.  I am not a serious "searcher" but think some one might be able to use this in their search.
Donna (Estep) Chittenden, 5526 Castle Top, San Antonio, TX 78218 -- dchittenden@satx.rr.com
[NOTE by Nova Lemons:  Thank you, Donna, for this tidbit.  I am sure this information will be of interest to someone descended from the WV Esteps.]

(09-02)  ESTEP:
My dad's name is Orbin ESTEP.  Noah ESTEP was Orbin's dad.  Orbin had two sisters, Lorene and Brenda, and two brothers, Richard and Paul ESTEP.  I have five brothers and my name is Tony.  I am the oldest of six and my siblings are Danny, Kennith, John, Speed, and Toby.
Tony Estep -- garageguy72764@sbcglobal.net
[NOTE by Nova Lemons:  Tony, we need more information than this, such as dates of birth (and death) and locations, which will help us identify your Esteps.   Feel free to share more with us on your Estep ancestors.]

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