Hello.  My lines are most like Phillip Lesley Estep's.  I am trying to find information on Sarah Ann ESTEP.  She was the daughter of James ESTEP (b. 1767) and Sarah FRAZIER, and married to William VANOVER.  I have seen conflicting birth dates for Sarah and William, and I am looking for death dates.  Also, I am wondering if anyone out there has a picture of them.  Thanks.
Michelle Scott -- rhiannon_44675@yahoo.com
[NOTE by Nova Lemons:  The ESTEP, Thomas Sr. ... book has some information on Sarah Ann and her husband William Vanover on page 157.  The book authors listed the birth data as Dec 1830 Tazewell Co., VA for Sarah and Jun 1824 KY for William.  They were both still living by 1900, being listed on 1900 Pike Co., KY census.  The 1850 Russell Co., VA census listed the ages for William and Sarah as 26 and 16.  They were on 1860 Pike Co., KY census with the ages 36 and 26.]

(08-02)  ESTEP - WAYT - BALLARD:
Hi.  I am a descendant of the WAYT family of the WV panhandle area, and a cousin of mine related a story to me about a possible ESTEP connection that I am investigating and would appreciate some help with.
William Allan WAYT (1921-1982) of Wetzel Co., WV married Gladys BALLARD (b. 1917, still living) and they adopted a foster son named Gary or Gerry who allegedly was born an ESTEP.  Gary / Gerry supposedly died in his early 20's of lupus.  William and Gladys WAYT were married in Moundsville, WV in 1945, so I imagine that the adoption took place shortly after that.  Since I don't believe that this boy was alive before 1931, I obviously wouldn't be able to find anything in the census, but if you folks would know something about him, not only would I appreciate closing the loop, but maybe his natural family members would like to know about him, as well. 
Gregory Winters -- gregory.winters@pc-bs.com; www.waytfamily.com

I am trying to trace my dad's side of the family.  His cousin, who is now deceased did some research, but I am not sure how accurate it is.  I am wondering if anyone can help me nail down the information that I have.  My great-grandfather would've been Joseph ESTEP (c1875 Cincinnati, OH - c1945 Beattyville, KY) who married Mary ABNER.  His father was Sampson ESTEP (2 Oct 1831 TN - 3 Jun 1914 Laurel Co., KY).  It looks like he married Molly SMITH, Jennie COLLINS and Nancy HIBBARD???  His father was Joseph ESTEP (b. c1790 Scott Co., VA) who married Elizabeth Jane HAMMOND.  His father would've been James ESTEP (b. bef 1771 MD) who married Jean STARNES? and Sarah FRAZIER?  His father is Shadrach ESTEP (10 Oct 1745 MD - c1801 NC) and lastly his information states that his father was Thomas ESTEP of Maryland.  I have not seen anyone else with this info. on this website (the part that goes to Joseph).  If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.  Thanks! 
Jennifer Fussnecker -- fuzztrio_1@sbcglobal.net
[NOTE by Nova Lemons:  I checked the ESTEP, Thomas Sr. ... book and see that you have the line correct from Thomas Estep, Sr. of MD down to Joseph Estep (b. c1814) who married first to Eliza Jane Phillips, second to Elizabeth Hammonds and third to Catherine Vanover, but this couple did not have a child named Sampson Estep.  So I went back to the index and located your Sampson as a son of a different Joseph.  The book carries this family from Thomas down to Sampson and does not continue with Sampson's descendants which the authors probably did not have at that time when they compiled the book.  Your line, according to this book, would be like this:  Thomas Estep, Sr. of MD and his wife Mary -- son John Estep (1738 - aft 1810) of Russell Co., VA [his wife / wives are not known] -- probable son Samuel Estep (c1758-61 MD - aft Mar 1854 Scott Co., VA) and wife Mary Lane (married 29 Jul 1788 Green Co., TN) [Samuel's second wife was a widow, Mary Stallard Murphy] -- son Joseph Estep (c1790-2 (Green Co., TN?) - 1860-1870 Perry Co., KY) and first wife Jane Hammonds (married 9 Jan 1812 Adair Co., KY) and second wife Sarah Hall (married c1830) -- son Sampson Estep.  Since Sampson was born 1831 per his death certificate, it would be more likely that his mother was Sarah Hall even though the authors listed him as a son from Jane Hammonds.  The authors noted that Sampson's last wife was Molly Smith whom he married in 1910.  Molly was 57 years younger than Sampson, a Civil War veteran, and she may have not known his exact date of birth.  The census data indicated that Sampson was born circa 1836.  Do not accept this line as a final data but do further research to make sure this is correct.  Please note that the authors listed Samuel Estep as a probable son of John Estep.  This book has a large section of the family and descendants of John Estep.  Hope this helps give you a direction.]

(08-04)  ESTEP - DUGGER? - ASHER:
Who are the parents of Shadrack ESTEP who married Ruth (maybe DUGGER)?  He was born 10 Oct 1745 or so.  My line is his son John ESTEP who married Mary ASHER.
Barbara Turner -- johnturner717@hotmail.com
[NOTE by Nova Lemons:  According to the book ESTEP, Thomas Sr. ... , Shadrach Estep was the son of Thomas Estep, Sr. and his wife Mary [p. 70].  This book has informative chapters on Shadrach, his parents, his family and descendants.]

(08-05)  ESTEP - RULE - MAY - FLIPPAN:
My great-grandparents are John RULE who married Minnie ESTEP on 3 Oct 1884 in Johnson Co., KY.  Their daughter was my grandmother Virgie RULE who married a Charles MAY.  Virgie and Charles had my aunt Minniebelle MAY, born 1914 (location?), and my father Harold Austin MAY, born 1921 in March.  Harold grew up in Mingo Junction, OH, but no birth records or baptismal records are from there.  He died 23 Dec 1964 in a LA hospital and is buried in Stubinville, OH.  Virgie RULE's name at her death was FLIPPAN.  I am told we are Cherokee but my father was ashamed to be so in his youth, etc.  I hope this may help you and others as well as myself.  I am interested in my family tree and meeting relatives, etc.  Thank you very much.
Darryl R. May -- geritolpacecar@hotmail.com
[NOTE by Nova Lemons:  Minnie Estep is listed on page 198 of the book ESTEP, Thomas Sr. ... as Minerva Estep, born Feb 1870, married 11 Jun 1886 in Johnson Co., KY to John A. Rule.  Her parents were Francisco Estep (c1846 VA - aft 1900 Elliott Co., KY) and Mary Lucinda Long (c1850 Wise Co., VA - aft 1900 Elliott Co., KY).  No further information on Minnie, her husband or any descendants are in this book, but there is information on her ancestors.  Francisco's parents were Samuel P. Estep and Alvatina Bowen.  There is no mention of a Cherokee connection within that family.
I also mantain a Flippen / Flippin website at www.homestead.com/flippinfiles/ and checked my files for a Virgie Rule / May to see if there is a Flipp*n who married her but was not able to find her yet.  Additional information such as dates and places may help narrow down the search.  If you would like to post a query on this in the Flippin website, send it to me and I'll have it posted.]

I am researching great-grandfather Andrew Jackson EASTEP b. 1886. Andrew had two older sisters, Della and Nellie (twins), born 1884.  I am trying to find information on their parents - i.e. names.  Andrew's last living child thinks that her grandfather's first name was Henry and grandmother was Julia.  Census information shows that Andrew's parents were both born in TX.
I have heard from various family members that Julia was Julia COKER or Julia PAYNE or Julia KELLEY or Julia JOHNSTON and they think Henry was gggrandpa's middle name.  Someone else says that Julia and Henry's family were originally from AL.  No one really knows anything for sure.
What I do know is that Andrew, Della and Nellie were supposedly all born in TX (the census records indicate that) in Red River Co. - where there are no birth records to be found.  Della married J. E. CARTER and died 1925 in Texarkana, AR.  Her death certificate showed her father's name as Henry EASTEP and mother as Della EASTEP.  Nellie married Elvis KELLEY and lived in OK.  Andrew married Sarah Susie JOHNSTON and he died 1945 in OK.  Andrew, Susie and their kids - Floyd Elmer, Earnest Ray, Delia Jawell, Millard Roy, Ruby Wanell, Morris Warren, Adrian Sylvester, Earl, Willard Edward, and Joyce Imogene - lived in Homan, Miller Co., AR in 1920.  Susie died 1929 in Bryan Co., OK and the kids were raised by relatives or others, some were adopted out.
Please e-mail me with anything you may have on my line.  Any help or information would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks so much!!!
Leah Eastep - notguiltylme@yahoo.com
[NOTE by Nova Lemons:  Della and James E. Carter were on the 1910 Collin Co., TX census (p. 79B) and on the next page was an Andrew Eastepp as hired hand in the household of Will Parrish.  This Andrew was 23 and born in OK, with both parents born TX.  Nellie and her husband Elvis Kelley were in Kiowa Co., OK on the 1910 census.  Is this Andrew the same one as Andrew Jackson Eastep, brother of Della and Nellie?  His birthplace on the 1910 census may have been incorrectly given to the census taker and that he may have recently relocated to TX from OK.  While his oldest son Floyd was born in 1909, we have not been able to locate A. J. with wife Susie and son Floyd on the 1910 census.  It is possible that Floyd may be a step-son and that A. J. and Susie married shortly after the 1910 census.  A check into Collin Co., TX marriages might show one for Andrew and Susie.
It is possible that Leah's Henry could be the James Henry Eastep, son of Abraham Eastep and his second wife Sarah Grice, both of Smith Co., TX who died when Henry was very young, leaving him to be raised by another family.  James Henry Eastep was born 1868 in TX.  I have not been able to locate Henry / James Henry on a 1880 or 1900 census.  We'd appreciate any help.]

(08-07)  ESTEP - YOUNG:
I am looking for more information on my great grandmother, Sophronia ESTEP YOUNG, who was born 1867 to Andrew and Nancy (HAYES) ESTEP.  She married in 1886 to Francis Marion YOUNG, born circa 1864-1865.  They had several children including my grandfather, John R. YOUNG.  I was told that Sophronia died in childbirth. 
John R. YOUNG and his wife Lelia HAYES (or HAYNES) had several children, including my dad Harold Lewis YOUNG (b. c1928) - Ron, Nelson, Grant, Gertha, and May.  They lived in Kanawa Co, WV in Clendenon.  My dad called it Jordan Creek Home.   All of the relatives I know are YOUNGs.  I have never met any ESTEPs.  I have heard that Sophronia had strong Native American bloodline and I would love to know what my ancestry is.  My dad had a stroke while I was young and I was never able to discuss with him the details of his ESTEP ancestors.
Susan Young Hoover -- margeo119@yahoo.com
[Query updated by Mrs. Hoover, 22 Dec 2008; NOTE by Nova Lemons:  Sophronia is listed on page 213 of the ESTEP, Thomas Sr. ... book as daughter of Andrew and Nancy (Hays) Estep.  Her name was spelled as Safrona, born c1866.  No further information on her.  Contact Susan Hoover if you can help.]

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