(07-01)  ESTEP - WOODRUM:
Do you have any information on a Stella ESTEP?  My mother Myrtle Alice WOODRUM was born 12 Jul 1900 to a Stella ESTEP, and she died at childbirth.  The father's name was John Mack WOODRUM.  If you have any information, please let me know.
Bette Bible -- bettebible@aol.com
[NOTE by Nova Lemons:  The ESTEP, Thomas Sr. ... book has very brief information on Stella on page 252 who married J. Mc. Woodrum.  Her mother Letha Ann Estep (b. c1861) married Mr. Harless.  Letha's parents were George W. Estep and Mary Whitten.]

(07-02)  ESTEP - BROADDUS:
Hi, I am at my wits end trying to find the following information.  Charles BROADDUS was really an ESTEP in Madison Co., KY. He was raised by Pleasant BROADDUS, the town sherriff. Charlie was born around 1892 in KY and we have been told over and over he was an ESTEP. In 1900 census he is listed as a ward with Pleasant BROADDUS and his wife Hallie along with William BROADDUS as a ward and he is born about 1882.  In the 1910 census, Charles is listed as the adopted son of Pleasant and Hallie.  I have no clue who Charles' parents are and if someone could help, I would be so grateful.
Cindy Sorley in Utah -- PiperL4J@aol.com

Margaret Rachel ESTEP, daughter of Shadrach ESTEP, was my great-grandmother and I am trying to find an obituary or death certificate for her but haven't had any luck.  I would like to know where her death information came from.  She was the mother of Geneva Belle ESTEP STEWART and spouse of George ESTEP then Thomas McDOWELL and perhaps a HICKS.
Margaret Terry Lambert -- mamawruth@windstream.net
[NOTE by Nova Lemons:  Margaret Rachel is listed on page 230 of the ESTEP, Thomas Sr.... book as #J2265 and is also found on this page on Thomas Estep, Sr. website.  She was born 18 Apr 1847 and died 10 Mar 1935 in Greenup Co., KY.]

Seeking information on Shade and Mary ESTEP, parents of Dora ESTEP.  I have no other information on the parents other than their names being provided on Dora's marriage records.  Dora was born in 1872 (per her tombstone) and died in 1962.  She has given a different birthdate on each marriage record.  She was married first to Mr. ANDERSON, second to William Elmer COOK, and third to Roscoe or Rascoe C. ADAMS.  There is a Shade ESTEP who died 1914 and a Shadrack ESTEP buried in Pulaski Co., KY.  Does anyone have information on this couple, Shade and Mary ESTEP?  Would appreciate any help with this!
Curtis Gilliland of Somerset, KY -- saigon42503@alltel.net

I have been working on my uncle’s ancestry and he’s anxious to find his roots. His family has lived in Pike Co., KY for generations, though I can’t seem to link them into any of the main ESTEP lines of the area. Maybe someone else has further information on James Jr. ESTEP and Sarah GANNON or VANOVER, or on James Sr. ESTEP and Mary Polly BRANHAM?
(1) James Sr. ESTEP (b. NC) & Mary "Polly" BRANHAM (b. NC) (per son James Jr's death certificate, http://kyvitals.com/vis/search/view_death_rec.php?deathID=11134)
(2) James Jr. ESTEP (1825 VA  - 1912 Pike Co KY) & Sarah _______ (1828 VA - bef 1910 Pike Co KY) (definitely not FRAZIER, but might be VANOVER or GANNON - their dau. Mary "Polly" ESTEP's death cert. lists father as James ESTEP and mother as Sallie VANOVER.  James & Sarah also had a dau. Lucinda ESTEP abt 1855, and there is a PCK birth record for a Lucinda ESTEP b. 1855 ... not sure if it's same person as their Lucinda, but lists parents as James ESTEP and Sarah GANNON, possibly a mis-transcription of VANOVER, but there were GANNON families living in Pike Co KY also.  Other children, other that the daughter listed below and the girls above, for this couple were Bethena ESTEP and an unknown child born and died before 1900.)
(3) Margaret "Peggy" ESTEP (1861 KY - aft 1882 Pike Co KY) & George H. BELCHER (this couple was not married)
(4) Wilburn (BELCHER) ESTEP (1882 Pike Co KY – 1964 Pike Co KY) & Rosa MULLINS (1905 Pike Co KY – 1983 Pike Co KY)  (Other children, other than the son listed below, were: Troy, Lucille, Mary Elizabeth, Esther, Arvil, Beulah I., Jerry, and James Harvey.  The family was very active in the Old Regular Baptist Church, and several of the boys were either elders or preachers.)
(5) Bobby Wilburn ESTEP (my uncle)
Census data: 
1860 Pike Co KY (Hamilton's Store, HH # 171)
James Estep   28 Farmer $--- $600 VA
Sarah Estep    30                         KY
Mary Estep    08                         KY
Lucinda Estep 05                        KY
Bethena Estep 02                        KY
1870 Pike Co KY Census (Robinson Creek, HH # 101)
James Estep   39 Farmer $200 $100 VA
Sarah Estep    42                           KY
Polly Estep    18                           VA
Lucinda Estep 15                           KY
Bethena Estep 13                           KY
Margaret Estep 09                          KY
1880 Pike Co KY Census (Upper Elkhorn, HH # 139)
James Estep       50 h     VA NC TN Farmer
Sarah Estep        50 w     KY NC KY
Polly Estep        27 d     KY VA KY
Lucinda Estep     24 d     KY VA KY
Bethena Estep     22 d     KY VA KY
Pegga Estep        19 s     KY VA KY
Sarah J. Estep      03 g/d KY VA KY
Anderson Estep     01 g/s KY VA KY
Mary E. Estep    1/12 g/d KY VA KY
1900 Pike Co KY Census (Mag. Dist 2, HH # 149)
James Estepp        H May-1830 70 m. 38 yrs VA NC NC Farmer
Sarah Estepp        W Oct-1828 71 m. 39 yrs VA NC ?? 5 / 3
Elizabeth Estepp g/d May-1881 19 s.            KY VA KY
Wilburn Estepp g/s   Jul-1882 17 s.            KY VA KY
Henry Estepp g/s      ?? - 1881 18 s.            KY VA KY
1910 Pike Co KY Census (Upper Elkhorn, HH #127)
James Estep H 72 wd.    VA NC US Farmer
Elizabeth Estep g/d 29 s. KY KY KY Odd Jobs
Luisa Estep      g/d 11 s. KY KY KY
James Estep      g/s 09    KY KY KY
Lilly M. Estep  g/d 06    KY KY KY
Bethena Estep   g/d 02    KY KY KY
Thanks for any help!
Tara Maggard -- stevemaggard@bellsouth.net

(07-06)  ESTEP:
Seeking information on the family of my father.  His name was Eddie Therdore ESTEP.  Eddie was born 16 Jul 1928 in West Virginia or Virginia and died Dec. 1987.  His parents were Arthur ESTEP and Mahalie Ann ESTEP.  He had a brother named Lundy ESTEP who died before Eddie.  Eddie worked as a coal miner when he was younger.  He had an uncle named Elemor or something close to that name.  I know there is a Charles Lee that is related to me also.  I also have some step sisters, one is Brenda and the other is Cathy.  I do not know their last names.  So if anyone knows of this family in West Virginia or Virginia, please let me know.  Any help is appreciated.
Loretta Estep -- purplehummer720@wmconnect.com

According to the census I saw from Owsley county Amanda McCARTY was marries to James ESTEP my great grandfather. My grandfather was Terry Crane ESTEP. Terry's first wife was Lillian ROBINSON who died in the 1918 during the flu epidemic. While they lived in Inez, KY. She was buried across the river from Inez, KY in a West Virginia cemetery. I do not remember the cemetery name although mom and I visited it to look for Grandma's grave. Terry then married Carrie HALL whom I knew as my grandmother. They live up Mason Creek, KY at a place known as Hall Mountain. Terry and Carrie are buried there. My mother was Gwendolyn ESTEP. She died in 1996 and is buried at Booneville, KY. As for Uncle Bruce ESTEP, the last pace I knew he was was living was Tampa FL.
Also, Amanda McCARTY's father was John McCARTY and was married to Lydia BURK. I believe John's father to be Wiley McCARTY. Wiley's father was Abner McCARTY and Abner's father was Richard McCARTY.
I am looking myself for information on James ESTEP. The only clue I have is James father may have been married to a CENTER.
Ralph Sherman -- rsherman3@msn.com
[NOTE by Nova Lemons:  This family is listed on page 200 of the ESTEP, Thomas Sr. ... book.  James Estep was born 4 Jan 1852 in Johnson Co., KY to Samuel P. Estep and his first wife Alvatina Bowen and died 10 Dec 1925 in Clark Co., KY.  He married 11 May 1876 in Johnson Co., KY to Amanda McCarty, daughter of John Wiley McCarty and Lydia Burke.  Samuel P. Estep is believed to be a grandson of Samuel Estep, Sr. and Mary Lane of Scott Co., VA through their daughter that the authors know nothing about.  A descendant and researcher, Harry E. Estep, Sr., Samuel P. was not an Estep but rather a Rhoton.  The book listed your grandfather Terry as one of James and Amanda's children.]

I have a lot of my family tree in my Family Tree Maker file!  I feel very well about most of the connections back to John EASTOP, b. 1644, Middlesex, London, England, immigrated to MD 1675, d. 1684 in England.  Married Elizabeth EATON, b. 1636, on 07 Oct 1667 at St. Dunstan Church Stephens Parish, Middlesex, London, England.  Elizabeth EATON's parents were Richard & Pricella _______ EATON. 
Their son:  Richard ESTEP, b 1668, Stephney Parish, Middlesex, London, England, d. abt. 1742, Charles, MD. Married Rebecca RAMSEY, in England.  Rebecca's parents were John and Ann ____ RAMSEY.
Their son:  Thomas ESTEP, Sr., b. 1709, Charles, MD.  Married Mary  _____, b. abt. 1712, Frederick Co., MD, d. aft. 12 Dec 1793.
Their son:  William ESTEP, b. 20 Mar 1733/34 All Saints Parish, Anne Arundel, MD, d. 1815.  Married Sarah _____, b. 1737.
Their son:  Thomas ESTEP, b.1755, d. bet. 1830 - 1840.  Married Molly _____.
Their son: John ESTEP, married Jukia Ann Dodson.
Their son:  Samuel ESTEP, b. 1 May 1809, d. 2 Feb 1893, Cabin Hill, Shen. Co., VA "Heart Disease."  Married Sarah "Salley" SILFUS on 2 Feb 1828.
I have all the balance in my file and do not have any questions with their connections.  Some of the above individuals are connected by dates of birth and some other info that could be questioned.  Please advise if I may be of any help to make my connection.  I will share my files with anyone that falls in our family line!  I have over 1500 individuals in my family tree.
Leon & Helen Estep -- lestep2@gumlog.net

(07-09)  ESTEP:
My name is George W. ESTEP, Jr.  My father was George W. ESTEP.  He had a brother named Roy and a sister named Ernistine.  Their father was Ernest ESTEP.  My dad was born 1931 in Middlesbrough, KY.  They moved to Knoxville, TN.  If anyone has any info, please contact me.
George W. Estep, Jr. -- gestep@levischevycadillac.com

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