(05-01)  ESTEP:
My grandfather, James Richard ESTEP, Jr., was originally from Ohio / Iowa and from a family of 8-9 children (born circa 1920-1930).  He served in WWII and had 2-3 brothers who were killed in this war.  My immediate family is in California since my grandfather relocated to Long Beach after WWII.  I had brief conversations with him on the origin of the name and all I ever got from him was that it was European.  I no longer have any other contacts with the Esteps as my family is a broken family (divorces, of course).  I have done some extensive traveling and have always been interested in our genealogy.  I am interested in whatever information you might have.
Scott Estep -- scottestep@cox.net

(05-02)  ESTEP:
Hi, my name is Jim ESTEPP and I have been researching my ESTEP line.  I think I have gotten pretty good information about my line and now wondering why they moved to NC.  It seems that many ESTEPs left MD in the late 1700s and migrated to Rowan Co., NC.  Has anyone discovered why so many ESTEPs made this move?
Jim Estepp, Dubin, OH -- joe@estepp.net

(05-03)  EASTEP - ESTEP - YOUNG:
I am looking for any information on the EASTEP / ESTEP family in Trinity Co., TX during early 1800s.  Sister Norcissa married into YOUNG family.  On the 1860 / 1870 census she gave birth place as AL / MS.  Brother Daniel EASTEP, born in 1810, stated on census that he was born in MS.  I can not find parents and neither have other researchers.  Please help.
Nancy Franco -- nancy2112@sbcglobal.net

(05-04)  ESTEP - BOLTON:
Looking for descendants of Samuel ESTEP of the Cumberland Mountain area of TN, KY and VA.  Samuel was born 28 Sep 1845 and died 28 Sep 1910.  He was born in Lee Co., VA as was my grandmother.  His daughter was Nellie or Nelie ESTEP.  She is my great-grandmother.  She was born circa 1887 and died in TX circa 1927 or so.  Her siblings were Hobart, John, Tillman, Wiley Margaret and Cora.  Nellie married Dalsey Edgar BOLTON.  They moved to TX in 1917.  Thanks!
Jim Brock -- onsnap99@aol.com
[NOTE by Nova:  The family of Samuel Estep is listed on pages 307-308 of the ESTEP, Thomas Sr. ... book.  Samuel was born to William M. and Elizabeth (Eastridge) Estep of Claibourne Co., TN.  He died in Lee Co., VA and is buried in Estep (now Jones) Cemetery.  His first wife was Matilda Nevils (1854 - 1898) whom he married 1 Oct 1868 in Clairborne Co., TN.  Second wife was Mrs. Nancy (Smith) Manning [no issue].  Children of Samuel and Matilda were:  John; Mary, wife of Lee Snavely; George (d. as infant); Tilman; Wiley; Neeley (d. Apr 1923 Vernon, Wilbarger Co., TX), w/o Ed Bolton; Nelson (d. as infant); Margaret, w/o Harrison B. Williams; Martha J. (d. as infant); Cora, w/o Harve Williams; and Garrett Robert.  A quick check into the 1903-1940 TX Death Index shows a Nellie Bolton who died in Collin Co. on 23 Apr 1927.  There's also a Nellie Rebecca Bolton who died in Dallas Co. on 30 May 1925.]

Does anyone have a current e-mail address for Mary (Miles) Sanders who had a query about Calvin Jones ESTEP and his first wife Rachel MILES?  Please contact me at this e-mail address.  I would also like to hear from anyone researching Calvin Jones ESTEP, son of Samuel Estep, who was born 1832 in NC and died c1914 in MO.  His second wife was Lavina Anne TROUTMAN.
Dorothy Crow -- dotcrow@earthlink.net
[UPDATE by Dorothy Crow (5 Mar 2006):  I did make contact with Mary Miles, thinking she had some input on Calvin Jones Estep's first wife, but she did not.  A lot of the information out there has Calvin Jones Estep's death date as c1914.  He most certainly died in 1924.  I have his obituary and picture of his and Anna's headstones.  Her name was not Lavina Anne or Lavinia Anne, it was Anna Lavina.  I did find the cemetery near where they lived in Bunker, MO.  Anna died in 1901, it was assumed by many researchers because she wasn't on the 1910 census, she died in 1900.  Calvin J. Estep was still on the 1910 and 1920 censuses.]

(05-06)  ESTEP:
Looking for more information concerning Lucinda, wife of Owen E. ESTEP, born circa 1826 supposedly in Floyd Co., KY and married circa 1842.  I can find no record of her birth or last name.  Several sources indicate she is Indian, but give no further information.  I would be very grateful for your help! 
Darcy Birdsall, ggg-granddaughter of Owen E. Estep, 29122 N. Silver Meadows Lp., Athol, ID 83801 -- gembirdd@adelphia.net

(05-07)  ESTEP - ARNOLD:
I am seeking pictures or data on one of Charles ESTEP's employees.  The employee, Perry ARNOLD, worked on the farm of Charles in Ionia Co., MI in 1864.  Charles' diary is published in the archives of Michigan but I thought someone out there might have pictures that included Perry ARNOLD.  Thank you.
Karen Clark -- jlc2580@aol.com

(05-08)  ESTEP - TERRY:
Looking for the parents of Cornelius ESTEP, born c1789 Rowan Co., NC; married Annie TERRY, dau of Miles TERRY; and died in Kanawha Co., WV.
Ferne Southern -- fsouthern@sc.rr.com
[NOTE by Nova:  Cornelius Estep is listed on pages 205-207 of the ESTEP, Thomas Sr. ... book as son of Shadrach Estep and Elizabeth (Lane?) of Russell Co., VA, KY and Kanawha Co., WV.  He was born c1785 probably in Rowan Co., NC and died c1839 in Kanawha Co., WV.]

My name is Erica and I am looking for information on my grandmother's family.  Her grandmother, Hulda EASTEP (ESTEP) married William Jasper CANTRELL at the home of a S. EASTEP in 1889 in Magoffin Co., KY.  Joseph EASTEP was present and my GG Uncle Shadrack CANTRELL lived with Joseph for awhile with a Catherine (wife of Joseph), Hiram, Malisa, Margaret, Andrew and Mary.  Would you have any information on this line in the family or where I should look?
Erica Bitterman -- ebitterman@precisionimages.com
[NOTE by Nova:  I believe your Hulda is the same one as Mahulda K. Estep who was born c1876 in KY to Shadrack Estep and his first wife Alcey (Elsie or Alice?) _____.  Shadrack's second wife was Missouri Cantrell.  His parents were Joseph Estep and Eliza Jane Phillips of Russell Co., VA and Johnson Co., KY.  Joseph Estep, son of James Estep and Jean / Jane Starnes, was married third to Catherine Vanover and this would be the couple that your Shadrack Cantrell lived with.  These families are on pages 150-153 of the ESTEP, Thomas Sr. ... book.]

(05-10)  ESTEP - ROSE - CARNES:
I'm looking for anything about my grandfather James Edward ESTEP who was born Feb 1890 at Falling Creek, WV.  He was the son of William Walter and Frances Abgail Rose ESTEP.  He was first married to Amanda Myrtle CARNES and they had three children:  Frances (my mom), Mabel and Matthew who are both deceased.  James married a second time to a woman named Virginia and they had several children.  Their names that I have are Christine, Josephine, Ernestine, Jimmy, Warren or Warner, and maybe another son Dennis.  I would like to find any of my mom's half-brothers and sisters.  The last time she saw them was at her father's funeral in Feb 1960.  He was buried at Blue Creek, WV.  Hope someone can help me out.
Mary Pettit -- wvmamabuddy@yahoo.com
[NOTE by Nova:  A check into the ESTEP, Thomas Sr. ... book didn't identify your family but after a quick check into the 1900 census, I found your folks in Big Sandy area of Kanawha Co., WV on page 16A:  #271-271 ... James STAFFORD (b. c1844), wife Leanzia (c1840), nephew James E. ESTEP (Feb 1894), widowed bro-in-law William ESTEP (c1829), widowed sis-in-law Sabra ESTEP (c1818), and nephew Elmer (c1872).  Next door was #272-272 ... William W. ESTEP (c1873), wife Francis A. (c1875), son William E. (c1896), and son Elmer (c1898).  The ESTEP book showed Leanza Estep as daughter of Samuel Estep and wife Susanna Terry (pp. 255-256).  Other known and possible children of Samuel and Susanna include Squire, a daughter, Nancy, Miles, Joel, Joseph, William (who married Mary Hayes), Mary, daughter, Jane, Samuel and Martin V. B.  It is likely that your group is descended from this branch.  Perhaps someone reseaching this branch will be of help and I hope they contact you.]

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