(03-01)  ESTEP -  HOHNADLE:
While researching the name "Hohnadle" from Beaver Falls, PA, I came across the name in the ESTEP lines.  R933 William Thomas Estep line [from Thomas Estep, Sr. website] had pictures submitted by Walter Kaczmarczyk that were great.  Amanda Hohnadle who married William Carey Estep were my father's aunt and uncle.  Amelia was his mother's sister.  My father at age 88 is still living and loved the pictures.  He had stories to tell.  I was hoping to get a message to others in that line to see if anyone had any information on the Hohnadle line, most specifically Amelia's grandparents.  If you can direct me or if you could pass along my email address to anyone you think might be able to help me, I would really appreciate it.
Jo Ann Lokey -- jlokey55@hotmail.com

(03-02)  ESTEP - BURGESS:
Looking for information on John ESTEP, born 1820 in Allegeny Co., PA.  I have his wife as Mary A. BURGESS?  John lived in WV most of his life and had 10 to 11 children.  Cannot go back any further.  Please help!  Thank you.
Gary Estep -- gary-estep@adelphia.net

(03-03)  ESTEP - RIGGS:
Looking for ancestors of Sarah ESTEP, born c1833 VA, married 18 Jan 1855 in Scott Co., VA to Joseph S. RIGGS, and died 10 Oct 1874 in Wellington, Lafayette Co., MO.  Her mother's name was Harriet, born c1811.
Teresa Miller -- teresa@midmo.com

(03-04)  ESTEP Family of Benton Co., TN?  STEP / STEPP - RICHARDSON -
My father had always told me that the spelling of his surname (STEP / STEPP) was not the original spelling, but no until recently did I realize it could be ESTEP.  The ESTEP I am trying to trace is Pleasant McCalvin STEP (b. 1832-1834) on tombstone, Calvin H. STEP on marriage record to Martha Presson RICHARDSON and Mack STEP on census records.  His mother is Fanny TAMER / TOMER / TANSOR (b. 1800/1810 in NC) according to census records and her second marriage to John DOUGLASS in 1843 which took place in Benton Co., TN.  Pleasant McCalvin (Mack)'s siblings appear to be Malinda, Mary and Elizabeth.  I just found an ESTEP in adjoining Carroll Co., TN that I know is a member of my father's family, so I have a hunch that I'm on to something.  Can anyone help?  Thanks.
Brenda Stepp White, 3325 E. County Rd. 280, Blytheville, AR 72315 -- gds@arkansas.net

(03-05)  EASTEP - HODGE:
I am searching for siblings and parents of Robert Daniel EASTEP, born in NC and married Mary Dee Missouri HODGE, or Drucilla HODGE, daughter of Samuel HODGE of SC.  Robert and Drucilla are listed in the Yalobusha Co., MS 1850 census, age 32, with Drucilla, age 24, and children Alexander, John L. and John M. HODGE, which may be Drucilla's brother.  Robert is listed in the Lafayette Co., MS 1860 census with the following children:  Alexander, John, Susan, William, Jeff (female), and Henry, but Drucilla is not listed.  Henry was 1 year old then, so I assuem Drucilla died in childbirth.  Jeff (Nancy Jeffsonia) is my grandmother, and I would appreciate any information anyone can supply.  Thanks.
Faye Williams -- joefayemem38112@aol.com

Looking for information on my father's family.  Medford ESTEP was born 1925 in Hurley, Buchanan Co., VA to Daniel ESTEP and Ethel MULLINS (of Hurley, VA).  It is believed that Daniel was about 74 years old in 1925 and he died when his son was very young.  Daniel's brothers were said to be Willie, Emory and Bill.  He may have been from KY.  My father and his sister, Audrey, were taken in by another Ethel MULLINS after their mother died.  Their mother Ethel lived with Mr. MOORE until she died around age 32 to 34.  Audrey eventually went back to live with Mr. MOORE.  It is unclear whether they married or not but they had one son, Charles Medford MOORE.  Audrey never ever changed her last name.  Would appreciate anything on the ESTEP connection.
Clay Estep -- cestep@carolina.rr.com
[NOTE by Nova:  This family may be descended from James ESTEP who lived in Tazewell Co., VA (now Buchanan Co.)  James ESTEP was born c1767-1771 in MD to Shadrach and Ruth ESTEP.  The name of his first wife is not known.  He married second to Jean / Jane STARNES.  He had children by a common-law wife Sarah FRAZIER.  Several descendants of this family lived in Buchanan Co., VA.  Many also lived in KY.  See pages 137 to 141 of the ESTEP, Thomas Sr. ... book for more information on the James ESTEP family.  There may be other ESTEP families with Buchanan Co., VA connection in the book.  The 1920 and 1930 Buchanan Co., VA census may help piece together these families and, hopefully, identify Medford's family.]

(03-07)  ESTEP:
My wife Melissa Gaye (ESTEP) REIBOLD is attempting to trace her family roots on her father's side.  Her father was Charles Q. ESTEP, born in Portsmouth, OH to Roy ESTEP and Goldie ESTEP.  Roy ESTEP was born 1896 in Portsmouth, OH.  Her father had told her before he died that he was part Native American.  Thank you so much for any help.
Steve Reibold -- sreibold@cemexusa.com

Looking for information on Frances "Frank" ESTEP, b. early 1800s in Green Co., AR.  Some information shows him being married to Mary WHITE as well as Martha VAUGHT.  Confused re which children belong to what union.  He was the father of numerous children, including Minnie ESTEP, my great-grandmother, who married John RULE in Johnson Co., KY in 1885.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Jeri Ralston -- wipperwill24@aol.com
[NOTE by Nova:  The ESTEP, Thomas Sr. ... book has Francis ESTEP, son of Eli Cleveland and Rachel (CHASTEAD) ESTEP, born 1847, married 1st Martha VAUGHT and 2nd Mary E. WHITE, and having several children, including a Minnie (from Mary) [pp. 129, 132]  The book also listed a Minerva ESTEP, b. 1870, married 1876 in Johnson Co., KY to John A. RULE, as daughter of Francisco and Mary Lucinda (LONG) ESTEP [p. 198].  Eli C. ESTEP family moved from Ashe Co., NC to Sangamon Co., IL then Madison Co., AR.  Francisco ESTEP family lived in Johnson Co. and Elliott Co., both in KY.  It seems more likely that you're from Francisco ESTEP (b. c1846 VA), son of Samuel P. ESTEP and Alvatina BOWEN, who also lived in Johnson Co., KY.  Further research into Johnson Co., KY records should help you with this.]

(03-09)  ESTEP - HUNT - DUGGER:
Shadrack ESTEP, b. 1792 Rowan or Wilkes Co., NC, m. Elizabeth HUNT 2 Mar 1809 Floyd Co., KY, d. 1870 Left Fork of Mud River, Lincoln, WV.  Elizabeth HUNT was b. 1793 in Bedford Co., VA.  Shadrach ESTEP and Elizabeth HUNT's marriage bond record states that Shadrach's father was also named Shadrach ESTEP.  Which Shadrach ESTEP is this?  Some think that he is the Shadrach ESTEP who first married Ruth DUGGER and then had children by a second wife.  Who was the second wife and did they have a son named Shadrach b. 1792 in NC?  What other candidate are there for this Shadrach?
Bill Hale -- halew@adelphia.net
[NOTE by Nova:  Shadrach ESTEP, husband of Elizabeth HUNT, is listed on page 204 of the ESTEP, Thomas Sr. ... book as probable child of Shadrach ESTEP and his first wife Elizabeth (LANE?).  His second wife was Sarah NEWSOM.  According to this book, the Shadrach ESTEP who married Ruth (DUGGER?), did not have a son Shadrach listed but the authors mentioned that known children were listed from Shadrach's will (p. 70).]

(03-10)  ESTEP - VOLLIN:
I am in search of any information regarding my great-grandmother, Lettie ESTEP.  I believe she was born in St. Mary's Co., MD and married George E. VOLLIN, Sr.  Any information would be nice.  Thanks.
Trina Mercer -- tmercer@comcast.net
[Trina, in order to get more out of your query, it helps to include dates along with locations.  If you don't know the dates, give your best estimates.]

(03-11)  ESTEP:
Looking for a marriage between Allen ESTEP and Martha Ann?  They lived in Watauga Co., NC in 1860.  At that time their oldest child was Delphia, born 1847.  Allen was age 35 and Martha Ann 25.  Other children were:  Dillard, Cordelia, Martin, George, Rufus and Zebulon.  Thanks for any help.
Jean Butler -- jbutler@epohi.com

I am searching for information on the ESTEP family who lived in Ottumwa Wapello, IA in 1887, where my husband's great-grandmother was born.  Martha ESTEP married a man with the last name WILLIAMSON, and had a son named Ivyl.  Mr. WILLIAMSON died, and Martha married William Boyd DOVER, my husband's great-grandfather, in about 1908.  They adopted a son, Taylor William DOVER, in 1910.  Is there anyone with information on this family, please e-mail me.  Thank you for any help available.
Cathy Dover -- cldover@juno.com

(03-13)  ESTEP - GOINS - CARDEN:
Looking for any information on Clyde Albert ESTEP, born sometime between 1895 and 1900.  I have been told that he was born in Cherokee, NC and Elizabethton, TN.  He married Myrtle Mae GOINS, born 23 May 1897.  Clyde was a coal miner and died in the 1940s at age 45.  He is buried in Wise Co., VA in Big Stone Gap.  I'm told he and Myrtle were also married there.  I know they once lived in Lynch and Harlan, KY and believe he died while living in Lee Co., VA.  His parents were Martha (Mollie CARDEN) and Harvey ESTEP.  I am looking for any and all information on this family.  I am also told that he had a brother, possibly a Samuel, and a sister, possibly Alice.
Debbie Sweitzer -- sweitzed@nhlbi.nih.gov

(03-14)  ESTEP - GRIFFIE:
I am looking for information on Emory ESTEP of Martin Co., KY.  I believe he is the son of Daniel Boone ESTEP, but have been unable to verify this.  He married Martille or Matilda GRIFFIE.  I do know that his children were / are Freeland, Emza, John Wheeler (Johnny), Ersel (my grandfather) and Betty.
Kim Lippert -- kmp64@earthlink.net

(03-15)  ESTEP:
Hello, I am a great-great-grandson of Joseph ESTEP of Scott Co., VA, born 1832 and died Bradleyville, MO 27 Oct 1916.  I am interested in his family history.  Please help if you can.  Thank you.
John Worth Estep, Jr. -- luckytwo2@juno.com

(03-16)  ESTEP - OSBORNE:
Looking for half-brother who was born 13 May 1944 at Mt. Carmel Hospital in Columbus, OH.  His mother was Bertha ESTEP and father was Warren OSBORNE.  His name at birth was Jimmie Baxter ESTEP.  He was said to be adopted by his blood father and raised in Columbus, OH.  I have a copy of his original birth certificate.
Sue Fairchild of Thelma, KY -- siouxfairchild@aol.com

(03-17)  ESTEP - COUCH:
Trying to find out who James ESTEP really is.  I have him giving his daughter away in marriage to William COUCH on 17 Jan 1897 (likely in Big Creek, Perry Co., KY).  The daughter's name was Leah ESTEP and we think she was born in Perry Co., KY.  William COUCH (1876 - 1933) went into the US Army on 29 Jan 1898.  They separated in 1902 and divorced in 1905.  They had only two children:  Dillard (my grandfather), b. 1 Dec 1900; and Virgil, b. Jun 1902.  In Mar 1906 William married a woman by the name of Geogia M. COUCH, separated in 1906, and divorced in 1910.  No children.  There were two Ance ESTEPs.  Leah is supposed to be the sister to a guy called "Old Ance" ESTEP.  That's all we know about her.  She might have died at an early age.
Kenneth Couch of Jeffersonville, IN -- kennecou@aol.com
[NOTE by Nova:  I located this family on the 1910 Leslie Co., KY census (p. 214B):  ESTEPP, James, age 75, wife Pollie age 68, son Abraham age 24 and widowed, grandson Dillard COUCH age 9, and grandson Virgil COUCH age 8.  All born in KY.  James and Pollie were listed as married for 46 years with 13 children 8 living by 1910.  Going backwards to 1900, I located them in Leslie Co. (p. 3A), ESTEP, James age 57, wife Polly age 51?, son Alec age 14, and son Anderson age 13.  Nearby on the same census (p. 6) was COUCH, William age 26 and wife Layer D. age 19 (b. Nov 1880) who were married for 4 years with no children (yet).  Shift your focus in Leslie Co., KY and you might find more answers there.  It is possible that Leah died sometime between 1905 and 1910.]
[24 Nov 2008:  Updated information on Layer Estep -- Sharon (Smith) Howard sent the following information on Layer Estep:  Layer Estep was born Nov 1880.  She died in 1927 when my grandmother was 11 years old.  My grandmother is Mary Collins Smith.  I am not sure when Layer married Columbus Collins (her 2nd husband) but my grandmother was their first child and she was born in 1915.  Columbus Collins was born 1891 and died 1930 (in a mining accident).  He was buried by other mine workers and didn't tell my grandmother until 1 month later.  She didn't know where he was buried.  Children of Layer and Columbus were:  Mary Collins (9 Jun 1915 - 6 Feb 1990, buried in Smith Cemetery on Chop Bottom, Manchester, KY); Rufus Collins (2 Mar 1917 - 31 Dec 1993); and Robert Collins (b. 1919, unsure of death date).  Mary Collins married first to Bige Eversole and second to Isom Smith.  Layer Estep had two children with her first husband William Couch:  Dillard Couch (2 Dec 1900 - 19 Jun 1948, he murdered his wife and was then murdered 6 days later by unknown person); and Virgil Couch (b. Jun 1902, unsure of death date).  Layer and William Couch were married 17 Jan 1897 and divorced in 1905.  Contact Sharon Howard at sharonx1972@yahoo.com if you would like to exchange information on these families.]

I am trying to locate descendants of Zachariah ESTEP who I believe married Lucinda HARRIS.  They had a daughter named Esther Rebecca ESTEP who married Charles H. PECKENPAUGH.  Esther R. is the grandmother of my husband.  Can you help me with more information on this family?  I will be glad to share what I know if this is the correct family.
Pat Peckenpaugh -- ppaugh@arn.net
[NOTE by Nova:  Zachariah ESTEP and his family are listed on pages 430-431 of the ESTEP, Thomas Jr.... book.  Zachariah III, son of John ESTEP and Elizabeth FISHER, was born 1814 in Baltimore Co., MD and died 1893 in Clinton Co., MO.  He married Louisa HARRIS 1841 in IN, probably Elkhart Co.  Their known children were:  Mary E. SABIN, William, Margaret Ellen DYER, Nancy J. SHREVE, Esther Rebecca PECKENPAUGH, John Beamer, and Emmett Leslie.]

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