I am trying to find descendants of Harve ESTEPP who died about 1930.  Harve was married to a Jettie CORNWELL.  My mother said he died when she was 5 years old.  No information on any family members.
Rhonda Ross -- cricket2@zoomnet.net

I have a picture of Finis Marion ESTEP and Mary Elizabeth ELMORE's five children.  The following names are written by each in pencil:  Laura (Ruby), (Celia) Bertha, Even (Elmore), Eunice (Elinor), and Harry (Wilburn).  They were grown up in the photo, which has no date.  My grandmother, Mary Naomi ESTEP HARTMAN, was not included.  I will gladly e-mail this picture to anyone who has a connection.
Beverly Hartman Fisher -- bbfisher@ttc-cmc.net
[Note by Nova Lemons:  Finis Marion Estep (1852 Mason Co., IL - 1925 Halstead, KS) is listed on page 125 of the Thomas Estep, Sr. book.  His parents were George Washington and Cinthia (Norris) Estep.]

(01-15)  ESTEP - SADDLER:
I am looking for information on Lydia ESTEP, daughter of Shadrack ESTEP and Sarah ESTEP.  Lydia married Andrew SADDLER Jan 1870 and I was told the Thomas Estep book says she died after their first child.  My great-grandfather's death certificate says his father was Andrew SADDLER and his mother was Mary ESTEP.  He was born 1871 and since the informant was my great-grandmother, I just assumed she didn't know his mother's first nae.  I believe, in later Scioto Co., OH censuses, that Elizabeth Stewart SADDLER claims all of these children as her own and that she and Andrew were married circa 1876.  I have also been told that the book cites their marriage as 1874.  This date is still too late for her to be the mother of Andrew's sons, William Sherman (Mack) and J. Henry (my great-grandpa) and possible his daughter Alice.  Help with this mess would be greatly appreciated.
Joyce Sparks -- the_queenbee1@hotmail.com
[Note by Nova Lemons:  Lydia Estep, born 1854, is listed on page 231 of the Thomas Estep, Sr. book.  She married Andrew Sadler / Saddler in Boyd Co., KY.]

(01-16)  ESTEP - SCALF:
I am looking for my grandfather's family and all I know, since I have just started my search, is that my grandfather, Henry ESTEP, married Bertie Frances SCALF, in Elizabethton, TN in the early 1900.  They were separated before I was born.  If you can help me, my e-mail address is listed below.  Thanks.
Frances Whittington -- frwhitt@charter.com

(01-17)  ESTEP - FERRIS:
Looking for information regarding my grandmother's background and family.  She was an ESTEP -- Wilma Jane ESTEP.  She was born in July of 1900 and married Curzon Cady FERRIS, Sr.  They lived in the upstate PA (Sayre, PA), NY (Buffalo, NY) areas.  I know that she was one of many children (11-13 perhaps?), but don't have any other information.  Grandma Wilma passed away over 10 years ago.
Nancy Jane Carver nee Ferris (soon to be Jones) -- ncarver@floydisgur.com

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