If you've published an Estep-related book and would like to advertise it here, submit a brief summary of your book, the cost and ordering information.  Only books with Estep family history will be listed.


(#1)  EASTEP / ESTEP(P) FAMILIES by Estep Family Association
The 451-page book contains informative pedigree charts and family group sheets with some records and photos submitted by Eastep / Estep(p) descendants in 1994-95.  A full name index is included.  Limited copies are available for $40.00 ppd.  TX residents add $3.30 sales tax.  Contact Nova A. Lemons for ordering information.  Now discounted to $28.00 ppd.  TX residents add $2.31 sales tax.  Book can be ordered via PayPal (with credit card) if preferred.  Contact me for PayPal information.

(#2)  ESTEP FAMILY JOURNAL, editor - Nova A. Lemons
Limited copies of 1990 to 1998 (8) volume sets of EFJ are available for $10.00 per set.  These newsletters contain a wealth of Estep data and family histories.  Contact Nova A. Lemons for ordering information.  OUT OF COPIES at this time for Vols. 1 to 7.  Still have Vol. 8 sets available.  Contact me if you're interested in purchasing the sets of Vols. 1 to 7 and I will place you on a waiting list and when enough requests are submitted, several copies will be made.  SPECIAL PRICE for Vol. 8 set is $8.00 and can be ordered via PayPal (with credit card) if preferred.  Contact me for PayPal information. 

(#3)  *** your best buy ***   ESTEP, THOMAS, SR. (c1709 - c1772) OF FREDERICK COUNTY, MARYLAND AND HIS DESCENDANTS compiled by Margaret E. Vidal, Mary Mellichampe, Linnaria Wheland and Martin F. Hanson, M.D.  (1994).  Second edition (2000) with enhanced full-name index is now available.  Please see Thomas Estep, Sr. website for order information.  If you already have the older edition and would like to purchase the revised index, a separate book is available for $15.00.  Contact Nova A. Lemons to order the revised index.

(#4)  THE FAMILY OF SIMON ESTEP OF SUPINLICK RIDGE, SHENANDOAH COUNTY, VIRGINIA compiled by Debra Estep Turner (1992) is a hardbound 8-1/2" x 11" genealogy that contains 75 photos, is 144 pages long, and includes an 11 page index with approximately 1200 names.  Available for $20.00 plus $3.95 shipping from Debbie Estep Turner, Rose Hill, 3358 Willow Run Rd., Harrisonburg, VA 22802.


The following books are other known Estep publications.  For some of the books, I do not have the author's permission to print their ordering information and will only list the book title and information.  Contact me for the author's mailing address.  Other books are probably out of print and no longer available, but you might be able to find a microfilmed copy through LDS' Family History Library.  Your BEST buy would be the Estep book (#3) by Vidal, et al, which contains what is in the other books listed below and much more!

ESTEP GENEALOGY & FAMILY HISTORY compiled by Russell Adin Estep (1944 and added to in 1958).  59 pages.  Contact LDS Family History Library to see if they have a microfilmed copy of this book.  According to Pamela D. Estep, a great-niece, Russell Adin Estep was born 26 Oct 1903 in Oak Run, Shasta Co., CA and died 18 Dec 1994 in Redwood City, San Mateo Co., CA.  He had lived in Belmont, CA for many years and was a licensed building contractor and realtor there for over 46 years.  He owned and operated Estep Realty.  He was the official Belmont historian and columnist for the San Carols, Belmont and Redwood Shores Enquirer-Bulletin for many years.  He served as President of the Belmont Chamber of Commerce and was named citizen of the year in 1984 and 1987.  He was the inventor of a liquid metering device in widespread use today.  Uncle Russel was vice president of the California Genealogical Society and the Board of Realtors.  Over the years he received more than 65 plaques and awards.  He was very involved in his community, work, family, and life!

THE ESTEP / EASTEP GENEALOGY compiled by Jane Farrell Burgess, Vol. 1 - 1988 (105 pages) and Vol. 2 - 1989 (68 pages).  Not known if Mrs. Burgess is still selling these volumes. 

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